Looking for a great cup of coffee?

We  work with partners all over the world to bring the best tasting brews right to your cup. Learn more about the range of brews we provide  and be sure to grab your favorite coffee right here.

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About Electric City Roasting Company

We don’t just love coffee, we truly care about coffee, in every capacity.  Our dedication to excellence starts with sustainability, and our relationships with sustainable partner farms…learn more.
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It’s all about the bean!

Our coffees come from only the finest beans! With quality and impeccable taste as our priority, our cuppers carefully inspect every roast. Read more about what makes our coffee special.

Brew the perfect cup right at home!

The bean is only as good as the brew!  We hope you’ll take good care of our beans and give them the love they need to excite your taste buds!  Check out our tips and best practices for brewing that perfect cup of coffee!

Understanding the Roast Scale

Our roast scale helps break down the complex process of coffee roasting into an easy to digest scale.  We categorize each coffee from light to dark to enlighten you on what to expect in your cup. Find your favorite roast here.

Where can you enjoy our coffee?

Check out a list of our current retailers, cafes, and restaurants serving Electric City Roasting Co.

Buy Our Beans!

With nothing but the best going into each and every bag, we are confident you won’t find a better coffee!

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Step Into Our Lab

Learn about our coffee, roasting process, and more! Bring your friends and visit our facility for a day of coffee filled fun!

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