It’s all about our beans… and you!

Looking to bring Electric City Roasting Company to your establishment?  We’d love to partner with you! That’s just what you get when you become a ECR wholesaler; a true partnership.  We’ll be there to support you from bean to brew, from cup to cafe, from filter to… well you get the picture! Outside of volume pricing, there are a ton of perks!  We can  even roast a special blend just for you! We work with a variety of chefs, cafe & restaurant owners, grocery stores and event planners to deliver the best-sourced beans we can find.  You’ll serve something special to your guests that will make you proud and keep them coming back for more. Need some support? We’ve done this a few times! Allow the ECR crew to assist in your overall cafe design with smart menu decisions, equipment planning and purchases, and the best training around as we share our passion with your team to elevate the coffee experience.

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