6 Outdoor Coffee Challenges for Your 2017 Summer Bucket List!

Summer is knocking and the humans are scrambling to open the door! It’s time for sunshine on the skin and fresh air in our lungs. But there’s no reason to leave home without your liquid gold…

We put together a quick guide for your outdoor adventures this summer. Think of it as a 2017 Summer Bucket List!

1st Coffee Challenge:

On the Water – French Press

Canoe French Press

 We gave you the most challenging challenge first! Choose your mode of transport: kayak, paddleboard, canoe. We recommend the easy way out – pour by land, and press by sea! But paddle hard, you only have four minutes.

2nd Coffee Challenge:

On the Land – Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper PIcnic Table

Take your sweetie out for a picnic date this summer and show him/her how clever you are…

3rd Coffee Challenge:

On the Beach – Cold Label Cans

Cold Label at the Beach

Who wants sand in their coffee? Not us! If you’re hitting the beaches, the quickest and most refreshing choice is a six pack of Cold Label cans! No prep, no mess – just make sure you bring enough to share!

4th Coffee Challenge:

On the Mountain – Kalita

Kalita on the Mountain

When you reach your summit, you must celebrate your accomplishment with a hot drink! The Kalita is a sleek and easy pour over method – it also comes in a stainless steel style for more durable transport as you scale your mountains this summer. Don’t forget to throw a filter in your pack!

5th Coffee Challenge:

In the Trees – Aeropress

Aeropress in the Trees

This is our favorite challenge…awaken that inner child and go climb a tree! Bring a book and your aeropress, and impress those squirrels and chickadees!

6th Coffee Challenge:

Around the Fire – Turkish Style

Turkish Coffee

 What’s more communal than coffee around a fire? You’ll need a cezve (ibrik) for this challenge. Grind your coffee super fine, and add water and a little sugar. Boil it all together over hot coals for about a minute. Pour the mixture into your mug and enjoy! (We love adding a pinch of cardamom for a warm, spicy kick!)

Try your hand at fortune-telling: after you drink the coffee, turn the mug upside-down and let the grounds do what they may… then read your future!

So there you have it – six crazy coffee challenges for your summer bucket list! Make sure to tag us in your adventures this summer!




*Photo Cred: Devon O’Keefe

*For all the coffee in this photo shoot, we brewed a couple of our favorites: Colombian La Union and Organic  Awakening.