Coffee & So Much More!

Welcome to the ECR Lab!  Over the last decade, we’ve spent countless hours working with restaurants, cafes and coffee enthusiasts to bring our passion for the perfect cup directly to you.  In our new facility, our focus on social responsibility and coffee education is more important than ever.  Here we develop and source new blends, hold our enthusiast and professional development classes, and continue to perfect the science behind an incredible coffee experience.  Join us today!


Our SCAA Certified Teaching Campus Lab is located in Throop, Pennsylvania.

Coffee Facts

Let’s start at the beginning.

Where do the beans come from? What to look for when tasting, common varietals and much more.  Learn more.

What makes our coffee so special?

More about the Electric City Roasting process of selecting beans and sourcing excellent coffee in a sustainable and responsible way. Read more.

We Roast It. You Brew It!

Learn about our process of roasting, as well as tips to brewing the perfect cup right at home!  Learn more.

Coffee Enthusiast Classes

For anyone interested in learning more about the art of coffee!

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Wholesale Training


For our wholesale partners!


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Coffee Professional SCAA Classes

For coffee professionals interested in broadening their knowledge and perfecting their craft!

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