Our Company

Care in Every Capacity

Electric City Roasting Company is owned and operated by people who truly care about coffee, in every capacity.

Our dedication to excellence starts with sustainability, and our direct trade relationships with sustainable partner farms, which exceeds the FTO model, by increasing the percentage at which farmers and millers get paid.

We can be proud that all of our sustainable partner farms have placed in the Top 10 at COE (Cup of Excellence), and our relationship with these farms has never been stronger!

Committed to closing the loop of social responsibility

We work directly with the farmers, millers, and producers in coffee producing regions of the world.

As a result of this involvement, we promote sustainability and traceability with our coffees, our cafes, and our customers.

It's all about the bean

Our passion for coffee perfection is a culmination of meticulous pursuit of amazing coffee beans and sustainable relationships with the coffee producers.

Our expert cuppers and roasters carefully taste and inspect every roast to ensure the very best quality.

Trust through taste

Our company is dedicated to exchanging ideas within our supply chain. We tailor our consulting and educational programs, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art facility, to supplement the needs of all of our customers from seed to cup.

As a result, we are internationally recognized as a leading boutique coffee roaster in the United States.

Mary Tellie

Owner and Founder

Meet Mary

Mary Tellie, owner and founder of ECR, is a coffee specialist, certified cupper, licensed Q Grader with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and a Barista Guild of America Level 1 certified barista. She has decades of business and coffee experience, and has graced the cover of Barista Magazine as one of the Top 10 Women in Coffee. She has been featured in Roast Magazine, Food Space Newsletter, and Milford Magazine along with the Scranton Times. Mary has a long resume of involvement in the coffee community, a Specialty coffee of America Lead Instructor and internationally involved as a World Brewers Cup Judge as well as the international juries of the Cup of Excellence throughout South America and Latin America. She is committed to teaching, learning, and taking an active role at events like, “Let’s Talk Coffee”.

Mary currently sits as Chair of the SCAA Roasters Guild Executive Council. The Roasters Guild is an official trade guild of the SCAA that consists of specialty roasters dedicated to the craft of roasting high quality coffee, and promotes quality as the principal to achieving success.

Associations & Accreditations

Specialty Coffee Association of America

SCAA Member

Barista Guild of America

BGA Level 1 Certification
Mary Tellie

Roasters Guild

Roasters Guild Specialty Coffee Association of America

Vice Chair
Mary Tellie

World Brewers Cup

Mary Tellie

Coffee Quality Institute

Q Grader
Mary Tellie

Alliance For Coffee Excellence

International Judge
Mary Tellie