Our Impact

At Electric City Roasting Company, we strive to trace every bag of coffee we purchase directly to the farms. We are committed to our goal of closing the loop; to make sure that every bag we buy and cup we sell helps the farmer, laborer and aid in education and reduction of poverty in the world.


Elementary School Roof Project

The Elementary School Roofing project is one of many projects that are a result of Mary Tellie’s decision to work with farms who are willing to assist in social responsibility projects, with the profits they make from the knowledge they gain from people like Fransisco Mena. Fransisco teaches farms how to make more profit, and sustain it’s business. Finding buyers like Electric City Roasting is key to sustainability.

The reason Mary travels to origin farms is twofold. By travelling to the farms from which we are seeking to puchase, Mary has the opportunity to view, first-hand, the social injustices occuring in those regions. Once seeing the injustice, Mary seeks first to make agreements with these farms to not only attain their quality product, but also to make it clear to the farmers that we wish to help correct the social injustice. It’s a business decision of Electric City Roasting to partner with these farms who are willing to work together toward that goal.

So placing better rooftops on the local school was a unified project between Electric City Roasting Co. and Helsar (the production facility owned by Ricardo Perez and the farm, Santa Luchia).

Below are some photos of the project, and feature the new, improved roof added to the school.

Bajo Canet Project

While visiting a micromill in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, Electric City Roasting Company owner Mary Tellie noticed that bathroom facilities at the village’s elementary school consisted of nothing more than a poorly constructed outhouse.

She knew she had to do something about the situation. Mary raised funds with the help of Northeastern Pennsylvania community organizations and a donation on behalf of Electric City Roasting Company. Working with micromill owner Don Hector Bonnilla, Mary allocated the funds to build new bathroom facilities for this elementary school that teaches children of the area’s coffee pickers.

Compare the photos of the outhouse bathroom the students had to use in the past with this slideshow of the current facilities and of the students of the Bajo Canet elementary school during Mary’s visit.

Apamar Project

During a visit to coffee farmers and micromills in Costa Rica, Electric City Roasting Company owner Mary Tellie stopped by Apamar.

Apamar is a facility located in the West Valley region of Costa Rica for mentally and physically handicapped kids.

Upon her arrival each child was asked to paint a picture for her. Mary bought all of the pictures and gave the proceeds back to the facility. She brought the pictures back to Northeastern Pennsylvania, sold them at Zummo’s caf� and sent the proceeds back again to Apamar.

Hacienda La Esmeralda Project

In October 2007, Mary Tellie from Electric City Roasting Co. in Pennsylvania donated a scholarship to Yanibeth Rodriguez, the child of Angel Rodriguez, a harvester at Hacienda La Esmeralda, for the 2008 academic school year.

The scholarship was in the amount of $350, which is the amount the government of Panama has established for public high-school level scholarships.

To be considered as a scholarship recipient, the child must have above at least average grades and maintain them throughout the year.

After donating, Mary Tellie recieved the following thank you note, which was written by the scholarship recipient, Yanibeth Rodriguez, in the name of her father, Angel Rodriguez.