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Region: South America, Indonesia

Altitude: 1,300 – 1,750 Meters

Varietals: Caturra, Typica, Ateng, Bergendal

Production Method: Fully Washed, Wet Hulled, Sun Dried


The ultimate experience with its distinctive flavor and aroma. Very smooth, with nutty overtones. Velvet is known for its smooth and creamy finish, making it one of our most popular blends.

Some of Our Favorites

  • El Salvador San Joaquin

    El Salvador San Joaquin

    Brilliant mandarin orange like sweetness, with a full body and cocoa finish.

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  • Mexico GRAPOS Women Producers Selection

    Mexico GRAPOS Women Producers Selection

    USDA ORGANIC Rich Coco, Full Body, Mellow Citrus

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  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

    Floral, lemon sweetness, tea-like, medium body

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  • Enamel Camp Mug

    Enamel Camp Mug

    Awesome enamelware camp mug that is perfect for your adventures in outdoor coffee brewing as well as in-home everyday use!

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