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Some of Our Favorites

  • Nicaragua, Bella Aurora

    Nicaragua, Bella Aurora

    Raisin, Tamarind and orange aromatics, citrus lime acidity, round body and a delicate finish.

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  • Costa Rica, Don Mayo La Loma

    Costa Rica, Don Mayo La Loma

    Caramel candy aromatics, round and balanced, citrus and chocolate aftertaste.

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  • Ethiopian Gelana Abaya Yirgacheffe

    Ethiopian Gelana Abaya Yirgacheffe

    Floral, ripe berry aromas, balanced acidity, creamy body with a persistent chocolate finish

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  • Costa Rica Organic Helsar de Zarcero

    Costa Rica Organic Helsar de Zarcero

    Our Costa Rican Organic Helsar  is one of our longest standing direct trade partner farms and the new harvest is here: this is one exceptional bean.

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