We all love and hate Scranton, don't we? Charming potholes and gray days, yet still our near and dear hometown. This is why we LOVE places like Adezzo... Read More
Did you know that coffee and chocolate are scientifically beneficial to your health in a variety of ways? Of course you did! Everyone knows that. But did you know that coffee and chocolate go together like ...  Read More
"This is Zummo's Cafe - Pennsylvania's, and perhaps America's, best coffee shop." This quote from Serious Eats is front and center on the new Zummo's Blend City Roast, and describes the sentiment of many across NEPA. Read More

Some of Our Favorites

  • Organic Peru Cusco

    Organic Peru Cusco

    A Medium Creamy Body, Peanut Brittle flavors, and a Fruit Finish.

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  • Rwanda Kanzu

    Rwanda Kanzu

    Crisp apple acidity, round body, brown sugar

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  • Auromar Geisha

    Auromar Geisha

    Lively citrus acidity, creamy body, flavors of bergamot and orange peel, with a subtle cherry finish

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  • Winterfest


    Winterfest 2017

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