Do you realize how much love is involved in making a single cup of coffee?  Read More
The rush of the holidays is over, decorations are put away, the house is quiet, and baby, it's cold outside. Read More
“You learn so much from stepping out of your own environment.” Find out what Mary had to say to about starting Electric City Roasting Co., being inspired and driven by her customers, and how to handle the ups and downs of running a business in her interview here! Read More!

Some of Our Favorites

  • Ti Amo

    Ti Amo

    Special coffee for that special someone!

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  • Seasonal-winterfest



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  • Auromar Geisha

    Auromar Geisha

    Auromar Geisha

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  • Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh

    Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh

    Sweet fruit aromatics, lemon-lime acidity, full body, with an earthy finish.

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