We are proud to host a 3-day workshop in our Lab in December, taught by our good friend, Mike Ebert. Mike is the founder of Firedancer Coffee Consultants. Read More
Every year we set out to craft blends that represent the spirit of the season and a taste profile that reflects our interpretation of each season in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Read More
We are very proud to work with this exceptional farm and wonderful family. Located in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia Nicaragua. Bella Aurora is nestled in the mountainous area at 1300 meters. Read More

Some of Our Favorites

  • Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh

    Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh

    Sweet fruit aromatics, lemon-lime acidity, full body, with an earthy finish.

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  • Nicaragua, Bella Aurora

    Nicaragua, Bella Aurora

    Raisin, Tamarind and orange aromatics, citrus lime acidity, round body and a delicate finish.

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  • El Salvador, El Naranjo

    El Salvador, El Naranjo

    Sweet fruity aroma, notes of ripe red berries and pineapple, clean lemon acidity, with a caramel and chocolate finish.

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  • Colombia Regional Tribute

    Colombia Regional Tribute

    Intense caramel and chocolate flavors, citrus fruit acidity. A big, velvety body with a long finish.

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